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A `xi`-Projectively Flat Connection on Kenmotsu Manifolds (1292 Views)
On the Existence of Solutions of a Generalized Monotone Equilibrium Problem (1290 Views)

On Common Fixed Point of Non-Self Mappings Enjoys The T-Approximate Strict Fixed Point Property On the Boundary of Its Domains

Numerical Solution of Some Non-Linear Eigenvalue Differential Equations by Finite Difference-Self Consistent Field Method (1228 Views)

On the Basis Property of an Trigonometric Functions System of The Frankl Problem With a Non-Local Parity Condition of the First Kind in the Sobolev Space `overline(W)_p^(2l) (0,pi)`

The Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems by Using Operational Matrix of Bernstein Polynomials (1177 Views)
Variational Inequalities on 2-Inner Product Spaces (1170 Views)
Variational Approximations of a Dual Pair of Mathematical Programming Problems (1163 Views)

General Viscosity Iterative Process for Solving Variational Inclusion and Fixed Point Problems Involving Multi-Valued Quasi-Non-Expansive and Demicontractive Operators With Application

Adams-Moulton Method Approach to Geodesic Paths on 2D Surfaces (1135 Views)
Schur-Convexity of Integral Arithmetic Means of Co-Ordinated Convex Functions in `R^3` (1114 Views)
The Product Between Three Banach Algebras (1107 Views)
Optimality Conditions for Solving Nonconvex Set-Valued Equilibrium Problems (1071 Views)
An Analytical Solution for the Black-Scholes Equation Using Functional Perturbation Method (1056 Views)
Mutual Entropy Map for Continuous Systems on Compact Metric Spaces (1051 Views)
Two-Stage Network DEA Model Under Interval Data (1035 Views)
Existence of Three Solutions for Hemi-variational Inequalities Driven With Impulsive Effects (1025 Views)
Best `omega`-Proximity Point For `omega`-Proximal Quasi Contraction Mappings in Modular Metric Spaces (996 Views)
A Complex Limit Cycle not Intersecting the Real Plane (995 Views)
Enhanced Multi-Objective Voting Data Envelopment Analysis Models with Common Set of Weights (980 Views)
Coupled Coincidence Point Results for Mappings Without Mixed Monotone Property in Partially Ordered `G`-Metric Spaces (978 Views)
Conformally Flat 4-th root (α, β)-Metrics with Relatively Isotropic Mean Landsberg Curvature (935 Views)
A Variational Inequality Approach for One Dimensional Stefan Problem (929 Views)
A New Method for Solving Nonlinear Volterra-Hammerstein Integral Equations Via Single-Term Walsh Series (909 Views)
A Comparison of Six Methods Used to Evaluate Apparent Thermal Diffusivity for Soils (Iğdır Region, Eastern Turkey) (884 Views)
Some Multiplicative Inequalities for Heinz Operator Mean (866 Views)
Fixed Point Results in Complex Valued Rectangular Extended $b$-Metric Spaces with Applications (852 Views)
A New Approach to the Chromatic Polynomial Structure on Finsler Manifolds (817 Views)
Some properties of $varphi$-convex functions (777 Views)
Bipolar Multiplicative Metric Spaces and Fixed Point Theorems of Covariant and Contravariant Mappings (735 Views)
Characterization of Aluthge Transform of Composition Operators (718 Views)
Some Remarks on The Paper "Global Optimization in Metric Spaces With Partial Orders" (702 Views)
Polynomial differential quadrature method for numerical solution of the generalized Black-Scholes ‎equation (655 Views)
Boundedness of Mikhlin Operator in Variable Exponent Morrey Space (649 Views)
Optimal inequalities for submanifolds in an $({varepsilon})$-almost para-contact manifolds (625 Views)
A Note on Local Entropy of Random Dynamical Systems (613 Views)
Character amenability and character pseudo-amenability of certain Banach algebras (606 Views)
A Note on phi-Approximate Biflatness of a Semogroup Algebra (605 Views)
Absolute-(p; r)-∗-Paranormality And Block Matrix Operators (589 Views)
On the Global Stability‎, ‎Existence‎ ‎and Nonexistence of Limit Cycles in a Predator-Prey System (585 Views)
An Extension of the Interpolation Theorem (556 Views)
Coefficient Bounds for a New Class of Bi-Univalent Functions Associated with Subordination (549 Views)
Generalized Common Fixed Point Results in Cone Metric Spaces (529 Views)
The Sensitivity Analysis and Sustainability Radius of Economic Efficiency in Data Envelopment Analysis (514 Views)
New Modified Implicit Iterative Algorithm for Finite Families of Two Total Asymptotically Pseudocntractive Mappings (510 Views)
Strong Convergence Theorems for a General Class of Mapping Via Quasi-implicit Iterative Schemes (469 Views)
Structure a Family of Three-Step with-Memory Methods for Solving Nonlinear Equations and Their Dynamics (432 Views)
Existence of at least one non-trivial periodic solution for a class of ordinary p-Hamiltonian systems (430 Views)
Generalized Schur-Convex Sums and Co-Ordinated Convex Functions in Plane (383 Views)
Generalized Mappings Related to Hermite-Hadamard Inequality (356 Views)
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