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A Complex Limit Cycle not Intersecting the Real Plane (576 Downloads)
Optimality Conditions for Solving Nonconvex Set-Valued Equilibrium Problems (540 Downloads)

On Common Fixed Point of Non-Self Mappings Enjoys The T-Approximate Strict Fixed Point Property On the Boundary of Its Domains

Numerical Solution of Some Non-Linear Eigenvalue Differential Equations by Finite Difference-Self Consistent Field Method (493 Downloads)
On the Existence of Solutions of a Generalized Monotone Equilibrium Problem (486 Downloads)
Variational Approximations of a Dual Pair of Mathematical Programming Problems (474 Downloads)
The Product Between Three Banach Algebras (471 Downloads)
An Analytical Solution for the Black-Scholes Equation Using Functional Perturbation Method (465 Downloads)

On the Basis Property of an Trigonometric Functions System of The Frankl Problem With a Non-Local Parity Condition of the First Kind in the Sobolev Space `overline(W)_p^(2l) (0,pi)`

A `xi`-Projectively Flat Connection on Kenmotsu Manifolds (457 Downloads)
Fixed Point Results in Complex Valued Rectangular Extended $b$-Metric Spaces with Applications (452 Downloads)
Mutual Entropy Map for Continuous Systems on Compact Metric Spaces (445 Downloads)
A New Method for Solving Nonlinear Volterra-Hammerstein Integral Equations Via Single-Term Walsh Series (436 Downloads)
A Comparison of Six Methods Used to Evaluate Apparent Thermal Diffusivity for Soils (Iğdır Region, Eastern Turkey) (436 Downloads)
Adams-Moulton Method Approach to Geodesic Paths on 2D Surfaces (419 Downloads)
Some Multiplicative Inequalities for Heinz Operator Mean (401 Downloads)
Variational Inequalities on 2-Inner Product Spaces (386 Downloads)
Coupled Coincidence Point Results for Mappings Without Mixed Monotone Property in Partially Ordered `G`-Metric Spaces (384 Downloads)

General Viscosity Iterative Process for Solving Variational Inclusion and Fixed Point Problems Involving Multi-Valued Quasi-Non-Expansive and Demicontractive Operators With Application

Characterization of Aluthge Transform of Composition Operators (369 Downloads)
Best `omega`-Proximity Point For `omega`-Proximal Quasi Contraction Mappings in Modular Metric Spaces (361 Downloads)
Schur-Convexity of Integral Arithmetic Means of Co-Ordinated Convex Functions in `R^3` (352 Downloads)
Existence of Three Solutions for Hemi-variational Inequalities Driven With Impulsive Effects (345 Downloads)
Some properties of $varphi$-convex functions (344 Downloads)
An Extension of the Interpolation Theorem (341 Downloads)
Conformally Flat 4-th root (α, β)-Metrics with Relatively Isotropic Mean Landsberg Curvature (339 Downloads)
Some Remarks on The Paper "Global Optimization in Metric Spaces With Partial Orders" (339 Downloads)
Two-Stage Network DEA Model Under Interval Data (329 Downloads)
Polynomial differential quadrature method for numerical solution of the generalized Black-Scholes ‎equation (328 Downloads)
A Variational Inequality Approach for One Dimensional Stefan Problem (325 Downloads)
The Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems by Using Operational Matrix of Bernstein Polynomials (325 Downloads)
A Note on Local Entropy of Random Dynamical Systems (325 Downloads)
Structure a Family of Three-Step with-Memory Methods for Solving Nonlinear Equations and Their Dynamics (321 Downloads)
Strong Convergence Theorems for a General Class of Mapping Via Quasi-implicit Iterative Schemes (309 Downloads)
Bipolar Multiplicative Metric Spaces and Fixed Point Theorems of Covariant and Contravariant Mappings (306 Downloads)
Generalized Schur-Convex Sums and Co-Ordinated Convex Functions in Plane (294 Downloads)
Boundedness of Mikhlin Operator in Variable Exponent Morrey Space (287 Downloads)
Coefficient Bounds for a New Class of Bi-Univalent Functions Associated with Subordination (280 Downloads)
Absolute-(p; r)-∗-Paranormality And Block Matrix Operators (274 Downloads)
Enhanced Multi-Objective Voting Data Envelopment Analysis Models with Common Set of Weights (268 Downloads)
Character amenability and character pseudo-amenability of certain Banach algebras (262 Downloads)
Characterizing Left or right centralizers on $ star $-algebras through orthogonal elements (260 Downloads)
A New Approach to the Chromatic Polynomial Structure on Finsler Manifolds (257 Downloads)
Generalized Common Fixed Point Results in Cone Metric Spaces (247 Downloads)
Generalized Mappings Related to Hermite-Hadamard Inequality (237 Downloads)
Application of Differential Transformation Method to the Dullin-Gottwald-Holm equation (235 Downloads)
A Note on phi-Approximate Biflatness of a Semogroup Algebra (234 Downloads)
A Collection of Local Spectra Preserving Maps (223 Downloads)
Objective Bayesian Analysis For a Two-parameters Exponential Distribution (213 Downloads)
Optimal inequalities for submanifolds in an $({varepsilon})$-almost para-contact manifolds (203 Downloads)
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